by Shu Nakamura

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released July 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Shu Nakamura Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Pizza Girl
Pizza Girl
2016 Shu Nakamura - BMI

Tururururur Tururu

She’s sticky as mozzarella
She makes it easy like margarita
香りがそそる ハレルヤ
一度トライしたら Mamma Mia

She’s got the crust, that I can trust
Don’t get me wrong, cause crispy is a must
忘れられない 罪なテイスト
病みつきになる She’s the best
I love my pizza girl

She’s like fresh basil and garlic
I’m dreaming of the symphony of lick
誘惑され 何度もイクよ
夢中になるよ that’s her slick

She’s got a spice like oregano
She never go wrong like parmesan
癖になる程 幸せなの
恋に落ちる phenomenon
I love my pizza girl

Pizza girl, pizza girl, pizza girl, pizza girl

I love my pizza girl
She’s walking down the street
I would give it a whirl
She’s got everything I need
Track Name: Consume
2016 Shu Nakamura - BMI

You consume my time, you’re screwing my mind
冷めた心で もてあそんで I feel like I’m numb
You’re breaking my heart, you’re shredding me apart
もう戻れない like 金縛り what have I done?

I only live until you take my life away
あやつって いたぶって what do you want me to say?
You put me chained, left me pain, in a cold dark room
You so consume, consume!

Distress through the night, I can’t deny your despite
孤独な願い もう叶わない I’m frightened inside

You are taking my soul, under your control, and you need some more
苦しめて 責め続ける like I’ve never felt before
You play your game, to make me blame, oh want a shame
You so consume, consume!
Track Name: EXTRA
2016 Shu Nakamura - BMI

Silly things all night, I’m feeling uptight
いっさいがっさい 自由にならない
I said that I am so sorry, but I am not sorry
No 額面通り Like 日本の総理

Hey doctor
Can I have some your special medicine
Hey teacher
I have never learned my ordinal lesson

I need a little bit of extra
Can I talk about my agenda
just gimme some more

I need somebody, I’m feeling spotty
that’s my story it’s てんこ盛り
I am a good man, I see what I can
I fake 几帳メン 神さま アーメン

Hey lawyer
Can you feel my frustration
Hey officer
I’m trying to be a good good citizen

I need a little bit of extra
Can I have some “et cetera”
just gimme some more
Track Name: Hentai
2016 Shu Nakamura - BMI

Baby, you can be, hentai with me
As much as you wanna be

You don’t need to be shy
Everything is gonna be all right
So come on down and show me your hentai

Watch you in the grocery store
Peeping behind the door
Creeping in as nobody knows

Touch you in a crowded line
I got stains in my mind
Oh, you drive me insane

So good to be hentai
So good to be hentai

I got candle and rope, got whip and soap
I’ll meet you at the cape of good hope

I wanna kiss you in the shopping mall
While pushing you against the wall 
Oh I wouldn’t mind at all?

Life can be crazy, Sometimes it’s hazy
’S ok to be nerdy, Cause we’re, so dirty
Track Name: Hey Baby
Hey Baby
2016 Shu Nakamura - BMI

Hey baby, you don’t have to cry
Hey baby, everything is gonna be alright
Hey baby, let me be with you tonight

I know, it’s been suffering
I know, it’s been smothering
I know, we all need some care
Life is so on, daring no more tears

Hey baby, what makes you so mad
Hey baby, what makes you so sad
Hey baby, what makes you feel so bad

I know, it’s been so tough
I know, we all need some love
I know, we all need to share

Life is so on, daring no more tears
Track Name: Happy Holiday
Happy Holiday
2016 Shu Nakamura - BMI

Happy Holiday, Happy holiday

I can’t wait to see all your faces
歌って踊って みんなでハッピー 
More cheers and greetings, that’s for all ages
知らない人も 大きな声で
Drink and eat, drink and eat, 1 - 2 - 123

Happy Halloween, Happy Halloween

ごちそう持ち寄って 好きなもの飲んで
Today is a special day so it needs to be in a good way
音を出したり 話をしたり 年に一度のパーティ
If you don’t know me, that’s not problem
Drink and eat, drink and eat, 1 - 2 - 123
Track Name: Ohayo - Good Morning!
Ohayo - Good Morning!
2016 Shu Nakamura - BMI

おはようって言おうよ 朝起きたら
おはようって言おうよ 誰かに
おはようって言おうよ 元気に
おはようって言おうよ 新しい朝に

ちょっと恥ずかしいけど これは魔法の言葉
少し勇気を出して 幸せの種をまこう

Good Morning おはよう
Good Morning おはよう
Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning
おはよう, おはよう, おはよう

Let’s say Good Morning, when you wake up
Let’s say Good Morning, to someone you love
Let’s say Good Morning, welcome to the club
Let’s say Good Morning, to someone you think of

この町に来て 君は素敵になった
少し大人になって mmm 優しくなった
Track Name: Kids Blues
Kids Blues
2016 Shu Nakamura - BMI

I don’t want to wake up in the morning
I don’t want to go to school
I don’t want to clean my room
I don’t want to follow the rule

All I care is to play all day, what I want is to eat, I like it
‘Cause I am a kid, ‘cause I am a kid, ‘cause I am a kid

Sugar, sugar, sugar all day long
Cookies and sodas everyday
French fries, hod dogs, chicken on a bone
Please don’t take my snack away

I don’t want to eat no vegetables
I don’t want to brush my teeth
I don’t want to wash my face
I don’t want to go to sleep

All I care is to have some fun, and I just want my own benefit
‘Cause I am a kid, ‘cause I am a kid, ‘cause I am a kid

TV and movies, with my people
Game after game in my Nintendo
Let’s talk about those heroes, so I am welknown
Please don’t mess my toys around

I don’t want to take a shower
I don’t want to stop my TV
Mama I want my mac and cheese
Papa I want to play my Wii

All I care is just myself, and I don’t need nobody’s permit
‘Cause I am a kid, ‘cause I am a kid, ‘cause I am a kid
Track Name: Meantime
Instrumental - Dedicated to 911 Memorial
Track Name: City Cowboys
City Cowboys
2016 Shu Nakamura - BMI

Riding on a taxi cab, looking for some fun
Driving down the streets, you see those people hanging around
Hey girl, you wanna go down town
I can take you everywhere, will never let you down
Cause I am a city cowboy, ain’t no silly toy

Watch out!

We are city cowboys, ain’t no silly toys
We are city cowboys, ain’t no silly toys
Track Name: Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na
2016 Shu Nakamura - BMI

金色の風が吹いてきたよ 新しい朝の始まり
摩天楼のビルにもブリッジにも 眩しい光が広がる
街角には人が溢れ出し 今日も押し合いへし合い
誰にもぶつからない様に 僕は前を向いて歩くしか ない

だから Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na ー Na Na Na Na

地下鉄は満員御礼 真っ暗なTubeで停車中
顔見知りの知らない人たち同士 視線の矢が飛び交う
みんなそれぞれで めいめいで おのおのな あれやこれやを持ってる
面倒な事も 楽しい事も 一緒に鍋で煮込んでみよう

だから Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na ー Na Na Na Na


だから Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na ー Na Na Na Na